Thursday, September 25, 2014

Central's Fall Blood Drive Leads Us Off for 2014-15!

We pick up where we left off. This from the Central Student-Athlete Advisory Committee on the heels of their April blood drive:

We just got confirmation of the results from yesterday’s blood drive:  88 donors gave 85 units of blood, with 35 first-time donors!  WAY TO GO!  This was the best blood drive that SAAC has ever sponsored!  The donations can help impact over 250 hospital patient lives.  Thank you for your efforts to make this blood drive a success.  We are awaiting the numbers from Simpson and Buena Vista’s blood drives to determine the Blood Battle winner. Whether we win the contest or not, great job in supporting this very worthy cause.

Alicia O'Brien and Katelin Gannon, Central College SAAC Advisors