Thursday, April 24, 2014

Central SAAC Sponsors Spring Blood Drive

These Central College SAAC members helped a SAAC-sponsored Spring Blood Drive at the school April 22nd. It was done in conjunction with LifeServe of Des Moines. Click here for their website.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Central SAAC Collects School Supplies for D-III Week Activity

The Central College SAAC sponsored a School Supplies Drive last week for the Children and Families Urban Mission in Des Moines. The drive was timed to coincide with NCAA Division III Week.  The group took donations all week and then set up at the baseball and softball games on Saturday for additional donations.  This photo shows some of the collected items.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summary of Loras SAAC 2013-14 Activities

The Loras College Student Athletic Advisory Committee has had a busy year of events—and it is not over yet! Take a Kid to the Game Day has been a popular event during all sports seasons. In the fall and winter sport seasons, Football, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, and Men’s and Women’s Basketball all hosted the event. 
This spring, the sports teams hope to repeat the success of the events hosted last season. The Loras Softball team hosted a youth softball team from Sherrill, Iowa, The Sherrill Superstars, for last spring’s Take a Kid to the Game Day against Luther College. The Sherrill team has come to every softball camp this year during the fall and winter and Coach Peggy Hanson has requested the help of Duhawks at her team practices.
The Duhawk Talent Shows also has become a tradition on campus with the help of the Loras College SAAC. During the talent show a Men’s and a Women’s athletic team pair up and compete against their fellow Duhawks in a 1 minute performance. Last fall, the Loras College Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Swimming team took home the crown with their performance to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.” SAAC is planning another event to take place in the spring season, as well. The Talent Show has been a great way to bring all the athletic teams on campus together.
Over the holiday season, Loras College SAAC opened a campus wide Toys for Tots campaign. Each team found a way to donate in some way to the campaign, whether that was through working the Toys for Tots booth at athletic events or donating toys. 
At Loras College, the classroom is just as important as the field—athletes are always a student at Loras College first. For that reason, SAAC also had a Teacher Appreciation Social in the fall season. Professors, faculty, and staff at Loras College support and encourage student-athletes to pursue extra-curricular activities along with their academic career, and this day was used to thank these men and women for all they do for our student-athletes.
A final event to highlight from the fall season was the nine Loras College student-athletes who went to the Iowa Conference Student Athlete Leadership Conference. They brought back great ideas to SAAC! 
We also got together to take this photo in celebration of Loras's 175th anniversary. The SAAC is always looking for more ways to bring student-athletes and the Loras College community together!