Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Luther Hits "Nothing But Net(s)"

This post from Luther SAAC Adviser and men's soccer assistant coach Will Maddox:

Attached are some pictures from an event Luther College's LASO (Luther Athletes Serving Others) has put on for a couple years. LASO is service arm of our SAAC, and puts on various events and connects our athletes with local service opportunities throughout the year. This event benefits "Nothing But Nets," a UN-run organization, which supplies malaria nets for sleeping to populations susceptible to the disease. The event involves ping-pong, pickle ball, and badminton tournaments where two people pay $10 to enter a tournament and spend a day playing net sports to raise money for malaria nets for those all over the world in need. The link for the organization is:


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coe Students Conduct Sports Camp for Local Elementary School

Neglected to post this stuff we received from Coe in mid-November. These are photos of the SAAC-run sports camp for students from Polk Elementary School, near the Coe campus. Coe SAAC does a lot with this school. Thanks to Iowa Conference SAAC representative Kelsey Jipp for sending along the photos.

BV Hosts Faculty-Staff Appreciation Night

Another interesting activity from the SAAC at Buena Vista:

"BVU SAAC hosted Faculty Staff Appreciation Night at our home women's and men's basketball games. Each faculty/staff member could sign up for door prizes, compete to guess the half time score of the women's game, compete to guess the half time score of the men's game, and sign up for a 3-point shoot off. Athletics also put on a gathering for faculty staff between games to mingle and have assorted treats.  It was a great turnout and a way to build our relationships with our faculty/staff members across campus."

-- Heather Noll, SAAC Adviser, Buena Vista University

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BV Conducts Alcohol Abuse Awareness Program

This came recently from Heather Noll, head volleyball coach and SAAC adviser at Buena Vista:

"Attached are pictures from Alcohol Awareness Week at BV. Student services was in charge of the week, and we teamed up with them for parts of it.  On Monday we brought a speaker in with the message, 'Courage to Care.'  She talked about how she used to be an alcoholic and how to help friends that you might see going down that path. Then, on Tuesday, we had a home women's basketball game. We rounded up two tricycles and two pairs of beer goggles and had beer goggle relay races. Two teams of four raced their tricycles from center court to the free throw line, weaving through cones, hoping off their trike and taking took three shots at the hoop. They then rode back to center court to hand off to the next person. The point was to show how alcohol can really inhibit your ability to do things."